Home additions can be a great way to increase the usability and value of your house. Many do-it-yourself types have successfully converted garages, added rooms and even second stories, but[...]
If you’ve got something sticky that doesn’t want to budge, try using heat to remove it. While chemicals can end up peeling off paint, a hairdryer is a great tool,[...]
If you are trying to cleanse your house of mold, you probably are looking for the right cleaning substance. One option you may not have considered is borax. Like all[...]
Some of our clothes require a little more care than just tossing them in the washing machine followed by a quick run in the dryer. Instead, they need professional dry-cleaning[...]
To keep your home cooler, check out these tricks. Cover your windows with curtains or closed window coverings during the day. By doing this, you save energy and enjoy a[...]
Allergy season can be a nightmare for those who are affected. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. By taking steps to allergy-proof your home, you can[...]
Your child just slammed his chair into a freshly painted wall, leaving a large, noticeable mark in an otherwise stellar paint job. Do you break out the painter’s tape, paint[...]
Once a radon mitigation system is installed, it’s easy to become complacent. However, it is important to follow up installation with regular testing. This ensures that the system is working[...]
Changes in the weather cause swelling and shrinking in the boards of your deck. This movement of the wood fibers causes the metal nails to pop up out of the[...]
You’ve probably seen milk crates used for storage, and many stores carry cheap plastic crates you can buy for this purpose. But, you can also create easy and colorful shelving[...]
For nearly all homeowners, the scary specter of mold in the home ranks high on the list of worries. This nasty problem competes with floods, fires, storms, vandalism and termites[...]
While it may be a little scary to swallow the cost of installing a radon mitigation system, it is important to invest in a high-quality system that will work properly[...]
Once the sale contract is signed, eager home buyers have another hurdle to overcome, the home inspection. As a real estate agent, you can ease your client’s mind by being[...]
Basic troubleshooting often solves electrical problems. Read these tips to see if you can fix the problem before spending time and money calling in an electrician. If you just replaced[...]
Are you tired of sorting through a mess of different sizes of cookie sheets, baking pans, and cutting boards in your kitchen? Storing these items in messy stacks is not[...]
Working from home can be a great opportunity to work in your pajamas and sit in a favorite chair. Even at home, though, it is important to get things done[...]
Do you care about the environment? Do you care about saving money? If your answer is yes, then it is time to switch to energy efficient products. Monetary savings include[...]
A few small maintenance jobs can keep you free of expensive refrigerator repair bills. These jobs take no more than five minutes each, but can save you a lot of[...]
Have you ever touched a metal object plugged in in your home and receive a shock? If you have, this is a sign that your electrical system has a problem.[...]
Finding rats in your home is never a fun experience. Not only are rats a health concern and anuisance, but they can cause severe damage to your property. Rats are[...]
Loose joints in pieces of furniture can be dangerous. Joints loosen over time with use of the furniture, or as the bonds between the two parts weaken. It’s important to[...]
Extension cords are getting more expensive due to the rise in copper prices. Keep your extension cords in good condition by replacing damaged plugs and sockets. Cut off the old[...]
Easy Ladder Storage
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Ladders can be cumbersome when it comes time to store them, but did you know that keeping them low is much easier than trying to tuck them into a crawlspace[...]
Everybody wants a safe home. Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as just keeping doors locked and the structure maintained. There are many surprising areas where your home may be[...]
Professional vs. DIY Floor Refinishing When it comes to refinishing your floors, you might think it’s a bargain to DIY and refinish them yourself. But, if you’re working with old[...]
Most cabinets are designed with horizontal storage in mind. While this works for the basics, there are plenty of items in a kitchen that could benefit from vertical storage options.[...]
Stop Wasting Money on Deck Repairs! When your deck begins to look as though it has seen better days, you may think it’s time to start replacing boards. Don’t be[...]
Ceiling fans move air around the room, saving you money on energy bills. In the summer, set the fan to run in a counterclockwise direction, moving cool air around the[...]
Have you ever carefully placed painter’s tape and painted a wall only for the tape to cause an uneven or jagged line once you remove it? Professional painters use a[...]
When your listing receives an accepted offer, expect the buyer to enlist the services of a home inspector before the contract is complete. Even a brand-new home isn’t perfect. Buyers[...]
A motionactivated light can save energy and translate into monthly electricity bill savings. There’s a misconception that leaving a fluorescent light on saves more energy than turning it off and[...]
Smoke detectors can help protect you and your family in the event of a fire, but they need proper maintenance to work. Here are some tips for keeping your smoke[...]
Even the smallest air leak in your home can make a big difference to your energy bill. It’s important to check for drafts in your home and to fix them[...]
Performing a do-it-yourself project to replace a plug or rewire electronics can help save time and money, if you feel comfortable working on these items on your own. But be[...]
When you get out of the shower, having a towel readily at hand is important. But, not all bathrooms leave enough space to add a full towel rack, creating complications[...]
If you’ve got a tool or a piece of kitchenware in need of rust removal, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you to try. Rust removal can be tricky,[...]
It’s usually easy to fix most backed-up sink drains in your home with a few simple tools. Your kitchen and bathroom basins have two places where most debris can turn[...]
Painting your home is a messy project. Paint can end up on your clothing, your face, hands and any other exposed parts. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help[...]