Extension cords are getting more expensive due to the rise in copper prices. Keep your extension cords in good condition by replacing damaged plugs and sockets. Cut off the old[...]
Easy Ladder Storage
February 18, 2019 | No Comments
Ladders can be cumbersome when it comes time to store them, but did you know that keeping them low is much easier than trying to tuck them into a crawlspace[...]
Everybody wants a safe home. Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as just keeping doors locked and the structure maintained. There are many surprising areas where your home may be[...]
Professional vs. DIY Floor Refinishing When it comes to refinishing your floors, you might think it’s a bargain to DIY and refinish them yourself. But, if you’re working with old[...]
Most cabinets are designed with horizontal storage in mind. While this works for the basics, there are plenty of items in a kitchen that could benefit from vertical storage options.[...]
Stop Wasting Money on Deck Repairs! When your deck begins to look as though it has seen better days, you may think it’s time to start replacing boards. Don’t be[...]
Ceiling fans move air around the room, saving you money on energy bills. In the summer, set the fan to run in a counterclockwise direction, moving cool air around the[...]
Have you ever carefully placed painter’s tape and painted a wall only for the tape to cause an uneven or jagged line once you remove it? Professional painters use a[...]
When your listing receives an accepted offer, expect the buyer to enlist the services of a home inspector before the contract is complete. Even a brand-new home isn’t perfect. Buyers[...]
A motionactivated light can save energy and translate into monthly electricity bill savings. There’s a misconception that leaving a fluorescent light on saves more energy than turning it off and[...]
Smoke detectors can help protect you and your family in the event of a fire, but they need proper maintenance to work. Here are some tips for keeping your smoke[...]
Even the smallest air leak in your home can make a big difference to your energy bill. It’s important to check for drafts in your home and to fix them[...]
Performing a do-it-yourself project to replace a plug or rewire electronics can help save time and money, if you feel comfortable working on these items on your own. But be[...]
When you get out of the shower, having a towel readily at hand is important. But, not all bathrooms leave enough space to add a full towel rack, creating complications[...]
If you’ve got a tool or a piece of kitchenware in need of rust removal, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you to try. Rust removal can be tricky,[...]
It’s usually easy to fix most backed-up sink drains in your home with a few simple tools. Your kitchen and bathroom basins have two places where most debris can turn[...]
Painting your home is a messy project. Paint can end up on your clothing, your face, hands and any other exposed parts. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help[...]
When you and your kids come inside from the snow, where do you put all your wet and snowy clothes? Hats and gloves should hang to dry, and you may[...]
Recessed lighting can create a dramatic and stylish effect in any room. While you may think you need to have access to the attic to install these lighting fixtures, it[...]
Sick of messy, disorganized kitchen drawers? Can’t find the measuring cup and spoon you need for a recipe? There’s an easy life hack to organize measuring cups that’s as aesthetically[...]
Get creative when it comes to hiding your stuff. Clutter tends to collect in ugly piles around the house. Instead of leaving it where it falls, create storage solutions to[...]
Cleaning gear is essential to keeping your home in top shape but cleaning supplies aren’t always easy to store if you don’t have a way of keeping everything organized. And,as[...]
There seems to be an unwritten rule that the New Year means resolutions, but what if you tried something new this year? Make this the year you think out of[...]
If you drive a smaller passenger vehicle but tend to haul long, large, or unwieldy cargo, don’t put your paint job at risk. There is a simple and inexpensive hack[...]
Do-it-yourself (DIY) electrical projects can save considerable money and help you understand the inner workings of your home’s electrical system. They can also, however, be dangerous and costly if you[...]
After your Christmas tree serves its main purpose during the holiday season, you might think its journey has ended. With a bit of ingenuity, however, your Christmas tree can live[...]
Everyone’s had the experience at some point or another: You’re folding laundry and realize that you’re missing a sock from a pair. In fact, you’re missing several socks, and you[...]
Running out of space in your closet? We’ve got the solution you’ve been looking for. Install an add-on clothes rack, doubling the amount of hanging space for your wardrobe. Measure[...]
Air conditioning vents provide cool air during the summer months, but in the winter they can let in cold drafts. You should not block them permanently, because you’ll need the[...]
When it comes to homeownership, the to-do lists can feel never-ending. Throw in the stress and bustle of work and family, and it can be easy to put off tedious[...]
No homeowner enjoys cleaning the gutters, but this essential household chore prevents expensive water damage from flooding gutters. If you’re not sure whether you need to clean your gutters, there[...]
If you’ve ever used a drum sander with a drill press then you know how useful this setup can be for making curves in wood. But, you probably also know[...]
Have you encountered a stubborn Phillips head screw that won’t budge after fastening it into a hole? It’s likely that the friction used to tighten the screw initially is making[...]
While many people take advantage of unused spaces and second homes as rental locations, short term rentals have become increasingly popular, edging out property owners in the market who are[...]
Your listing is under contract, that’s good news. But your work is not done yet, and the last thing you want is a delay. Use this list of eight easy[...]
Do you know everything your homeowner’s insurance covers? Probably not. Your policy covers lots of things you likely haven’t thought of, so we compiled a list of items that most[...]
Painting your home can get messy. There’s no telling where the paint will fly. It’s always best to cover anything important, including flooring. The easiest drop cloth to use to[...]
If you’ve used a measuring square before, then you know it can sometimes be a challenge to keep the square in exactly the right spot while you do your measurements.[...]
We’ve all had that problem before: you need to plug something in, but your home doesn’t have a nearby electrical outlet. Instead, you have to string together extension cords, which[...]
Trying to figure out the best backdrop for your eye-catching Thanksgiving spread? Here are ten no-fail ideas to get you started. Flower Patch Flowers are a great way to add[...]
Circuit breakers prevent millions of electrical fires every year. They cut off the power (“break the circuit”) when they detect problems such as an electricity overload, keeping occupants of the[...]
For most of us, the closet is where we store our clothes—and hangers are what we use to organize them. And while it may seem as simple as stashing your[...]
If you’ve ever needed to solder a fitting onto copper pipe, then you know that you need to drain the water out of the pipe so the solder melts properly.[...]
Running out of storage in your shower? We’ve got some tricks to add more space for all your favorite shower accessories. Most hardware stores sell a shelf option for the[...]
If you love DIY paint projects, you probably have a whole shelf full of half used gallons of custom mixed paints. A simple stir stick trick can make it ultra[...]
When it comes to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, you may feel secure knowing that you have coverage should anything happen to your property. But, in order to be[...]
Your house is for sale and Halloween is around the corner. Should you pull out the ghouls and goblins or opt for a less festive look? Here are three tips[...]
Whether it’s caused by roughhousing kids or wiring you no longer need, wall damage happens. Thankfully you can repair your own drywall and make it good as new. Locate the[...]
Saving extra paint when you remodel a room is a great idea to allow you to apply touch-ups without worrying about the color going out of production. Unfortunately, even a[...]
Love the rustic elegance of vineyard life? Here are six easy planter ideas to add some winery-themed ambience to your home garden. Half wine barrels are a classic choice with[...]